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Watamula or the Hole of Curacao is one of Curacao's finest reef dives with a tunnel that can be surfaced.


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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Curacao.


Rated 3.0, 5 votes

Seen in all the brochures and dive magazine is the little wreck aptly named Tugboat. This is a good spot for diving and snorkeling. The dive is along a vertical wall, where morays of all colors look at you. Large amount of common sea fans and devil's whip decorate the wall. Larger hawksbill turtles are commonly seen here. Your safety stop will not be boring at all. Not hanging on a line, but swimming with large parrotfish and yellow tail snappers. Do not be afraid of the encounter, they tend to ...

Superior Producer

Rated 3.0, 4 votes

The unfortunate ship Superior Producer drove out of the harbor in September 1977, for it to never return back and stayed on Curacao. She rests upright in 30 meter of water and became a very healthy coral reef. The dive begins with a direct descent to 24 meter, where we start the tour. Big barracuda's and big French angels, have their habitat on the wreck. Swimming along the backside of the steering hut you'll see that the ladders are overgrown with cup coral, protected by white grunts and schoo...

Saint Marie

Rated 3.0, 4 votes

This impressive stretch of reef does not get much traffic and remains in very good condition. To reach St. Marie or Saint Marie by car, head to the town of Willibrordus, take a left at the big church, and follow the signs to Habitat Resort. After checking in with security at the main gate, take a left at the bottom of the hill near the resort and follow that until it turns to dirt, then take your first right. This road dead-ends in a small parking area near the water. Gear up at the car and take...

Playa Forti, Sweet Alice

Rated 2.5, 2 votes

Situated at the far northwest end of the island in the town of Westpunt, this site is worth checking out just for the scenic drive through the undeveloped, cactus bedecked hills of Band Abou. The dive site is a short swim from the beach at Playa Forti, at the south end of town. Park in the lot at the top of the cliffs and take the stairs down to the water. The volcanic black sand can get very hot, so don’t forget your booties. Amenities are limited to some thatched parasols, with a restaur...

Mushroom Forest, Cave

Rated 2.3, 3 votes

Mushroom Forest is one of the most famous dive sites in Curacao. Over time hard coral formations have grown in such a way that they resemble mushrooms, hence the name. Underneath each one of these coral formations an abundance of marine life awaits to be looked at, admired, and photographed. Don't miss it!  You will love it! During surface interval, you can go inside the cavern called the Blue Room....

Car Wrecks

Rated 2.0, 3 votes

Dive site Car Wrecks in Boca Saint Michiel is a nice dive site for advanced divers (because of the depth). After the easy entry from the shore at Vaersenbaai you have to swim a real long distance (nearly 15 - 20 minutes) in east direction to the border of the reef. The site is marked by a dark buoy. The car wrecks are spread along a larger area, beginning at 25 meter if depoth until more than 50 m deep. There are some old pick-ups and limousines from the 40' or 50's, most of them in a advanced d...

Boca Sami

Rated 1.5, 2 votes

The dive site Boca Sami is located at the small village of Saint Michel. You enter the water next to the boat ramp. Don't try the ramp, because it can be slippery. The drop off starts at 10 meters and goes over in a wall that drops 45 meters. Lots of hard corals like brain coral and turtles and seahorses are often spotted. After the dive it's nice to relax at the restaurant Octopus, with its terrace above the water....

South East Curacao

Rated 1.0, 2 votes

The lesser developed southeast of Curacao is mostly private property. The most eastern areas included in this section are Caracas Bay with its old 18th century Fort Beekenburg, Spanish Water with its many small islands and St Joris Bay with its opening to the Caribbean Sea. The latter two protected lakes are popular destinations for water activities such as banana boating, yachting, kayaking and wind and kite surfing. Jan Sofat, Tank 14 and Storm Plas (Storm Lake) are popular locations to set up...