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Boca Saint Michiel or Boca Sami is a quiet fishing village offering a great white beach with plenty of things to do for any tourist.

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Boca Saint Michiel, often shortened to Boca Sami meaning the mouth of Sami, is a tranquil fishing village 5 kilometers west of Willemstad. From west to east we include the bays Vaersen Bay, Pestbaai, St Michiel's Bay, Snake Bay and Blue Bay. All are picturesque in sand and palm trees decorated bays offering nice snorkeling and spectacular diving sites.

Although still excellent for scuba divers, the mostly rocky shores of Vaersen Bay used to be popular for swimming and beaching as well. Saint Michiel's Bay is a large bay often filled with fishermen boats and a docking buoy for large tankers and oil platforms. It is also the location of the annual Boca-Sami sail competition in the beginning of May. Inland you can hike up the 105 meter high Sint Michielsberg, explore several plantations nicely situated in Calabash forest or visit the colorful painted houses of Curasol. On the south side of Boca Sami you will find Cape Mal Meeuw (Kaap Mal Meeuw) and Snake Bay, named after its many snake-like eels, especially popular in September and October because of the annual coral spawning event. Blue Bay, named after Anno Blaauw in the 17th century, is known for its pristine white beach, azul colored waters and excellent dive site Blue Bay Wall. There are plenty of tourist facilities and the area is a popular resting area for flamingos and pelicans.

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